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Some Background and Research into The Curse

The Smuggler’s Curse is a story set in Broome, a wild and lawless town in the north-west of Australia in 1896 and is about a boy who is sold by his mother as a cabin boy to a sea captain. … Continue reading

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Taking Ad Vantage (A Boys’ Own blog today)

I’ve never really wanted an Aston Martin. No, that is a downright lie. Of course I’ve wanted an Aston Martin, just about ever since diamonds were forever; a DB5, DB7, DB9, a Vantage or even a Vanquish please, since that … Continue reading

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Not More Bloody British History…

In the Royal Oak pub in Fishguard, on the Welsh coast,  at one end of the dining room is an old desk, cordoned off with a red rope. It is obviously very special. It turns out that it is the … Continue reading

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Part 9. A Wee Haggis

This incredibly scenic tourist route through the mountains along goat tracks and roads only wide enough for Matchbox cars, concentrates the mind, especially as you round hairpin bends straight into the path of effing great coaches loaded with 65 huge … Continue reading

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Part 7. The Lady of the Lake.

The Lady of the Lake The early morning light over Lake Windemere in Cumbria is enough to turn anyone all Wordsworthic, (Wordsworthy?) especially too if you’d been hanging round with his mate Sam Coleridge who wrote The Ryme of the … Continue reading

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Part 6. Charles Dickens and Me.

Charles Dickens and Me We’ve arrived at Ross-on-Wye late in the day having been seduced by a detour by way of the Slaughters, Upper and Lower. Slaughter is just an early Saxon word for creek. Unfortunately, it’s a Sunday and … Continue reading

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Part 4. Carry On Up the Khyber

Carry On Up the Khyber There’s a scene in Carry On Up the Khyber where Bernard Breslaw as Bungitin, the Afghan tribesman,  charges down the valley in what is supposed to be the Khyber Pass towards skinny little Charles Hawtry … Continue reading

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